Why Furnace Cleaning Is Important?

Every appliance demands regular maintenance for proper functioning, and something as important as the furnace, that regulates and maintains the air in your home, should be carefully maintained for complete efficiency as dirt and debris can compromise your entire system.

Protects Warranty

In absence of regular maintenance and servicing of the appliance, the warranty that comes along with your appliance may be void, in which case you would have to bear the cost of all the furnace repairs and fixes initially covered under it.

Efficient Performance

A technician’s visit involves inspecting and cleaning your furnace thoroughly which is imperative since the furnace goes through a lot of wear and tear during regular use and dust and debris accumulate to clog the air filters. Without regular clean-ups, the efficiency of your furnace degrades as pulling the air through it requires more energy.

Improved Air Quality

A clean and tuned-up furnace not only performs efficiently but also blows out even quality air.

Through servicing, the accumulated dust, debris, mold or foliage that ends up being cycled into the HVAC system and blows nasty, unhealthy air into the house, is eliminated to boost the air quality and improve the airflow.

Prolongs Lifespan

If expenses are holding you back from calling a tune-up, note that a new furnace installation will cost significantly more as regular service can maintain the expected lifespan of the system, if not add a few years more. Clean and maintained furnaces last five years longer on average than those that aren’t.

Prevents Failures

A professional eye can also inspect for any leaks, damages or parts that require replacement to prevent the system from breaking down or malfunctioning and you can be assured of the effectiveness of the system. Book your service appointment easily at May Heating & Air for furnace repair in Atlanta, GA to save yourself the uncomfortable cold of a broken system.

Saving Money

A clean system ensures peak efficiency, which allows your system to save on energy and easily produce heat. A dirty furnace consumes more energy which is directly proportional to the bill, investing in professional clean-ups saves energy and fuel consumption along with the risk of possible expensive repairs and replacements costs down the road.

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Safety of The Family

As a part of its operation, furnaces produce carbon monoxide, in case of debris or dirt in the exhaust pipe, venting this gas outside your house can be hindered. Professional clean-ups and inspections can spot any leaks and ensure clear passage to vent carbon monoxide and prevent any injurious exposure to the gas.

Furnace malfunctions can be an obnoxious and costly repair, contact May Heating and Air for convenient and thorough cleaning of your system by skilled and experienced professionals. They can answer a wide range of your HVAC system related issues with incredible 24/7 emergency service available.