What To Do If Your Air Conditioner Does Not Blow Cold Air?

During hot summer days, there is nothing worse than a broken air conditioner. If your air conditioner does not blow cold air, there are many ways to troubleshoot your HVAC system. Of course, it is always best to consult a professional AC repair in Atlanta for service.

The experts assist in determining the underlying root cause of the problem and communicate the findings to the HVAC contractor. A broken air conditioner not only brings inconvenience but also may become a serious health problem if the temperature rises sharply. Thus, it is crucial to solving the problem as soon as possible.

There are several relatively common reasons why your AC may stop working, including:

  • Power Supply

It sounds simple, but if your air conditioner does not blow, check that it is plugged into the outlet correctly and the power cord is not damaged. If the socket and power cord are fine, this may be a problem with your electrical panel. When the AC requires an extensive surge, it may blow a fuse or trip the circuit breaker. Some units have built-in circuit breakers, so be sure to check them carefully.

  • Thermostat

There is a problem with the thermostat. If everything is normal and the air conditioner is still not blowing cold air, the thermostat on your AC unit is not set at the right temperature. Turn the button to the lowest value and see if the AC unit works. If possible, make sure that all cables in the thermostat box are connected to the outlet the right way.

  • Clogged Filter

Some air conditioners have a built-in mechanism to turn off the filter when it is clogged. It is to prevent engine damage and overheating. It is also possible due to clogged filters and cannot provide sufficient airflow. Thus, check the filter of the unit and clean or replace it if necessary.

  • Dirty Compressor

As part of regular maintenance, the area around the compressor should be cleaned and covered in winter. Leaves, dirt, and other debris can accumulate throughout the year, causing equipment to malfunction. So far, some owners have been modifying the compressor. Clean, seek professional help for best results. It will ensure that your equipment is correctly cleaned and maintained. Always be sure to turn off the system before starting any work.

  • Inappropriate Location

Sometimes the location of the air conditioner may prevent it from cooling the room. It usually happens when other devices such as freezers are present to hinder the flow of air.

In addition, the air conditioner may also be in a room exposed to direct sunlight, which means it must work for long hours to cool the room. So, ensuring that the unit is adaptive and away from direct sunlight may help much.

If this is a problem, you as a homeowner have no choice but to hire professional air conditioning repair services in Atlanta.

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