What Are The Effects of Irregular AC Service in Atlanta, GA?

It is always recommended that AC units receive periodic AC service to prolong the life of the system and take care of minor repairs. This is especially true when it comes to ACs belonging to homeowners residing in Atlanta, GA.

The homeowners here are exposed to relatively higher temperatures in the summer as temperatures reach a frequent 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, AC service in Atlanta, GA, is always in high demand.

Benefits of Hiring AC Service

As mentioned before, regular AC service can drastically prolong the life of a unit; therefore, a homeowner need not shell out large amounts for a new AC and the services of an AC installer in Atlanta, GA. In addition to this, regular AC service would also have the following benefits:

  • Reduce dust accumulation

Like all appliances, ACs are also susceptible to accumulating a fair amount of dust as the years go by. This accumulation can cause a variety of problems in the long run. This includes issues like the decreased cooling capability of the system, clogged air filter, decrease in air quality, and more.

In general, this buildup of dirt will mean that the unit will work a lot harder to cool a room. Therefore, an AC service in Atlanta, GA, will help remove all this dirt and retain the optimal functioning of the AC.

  • Decreased friction

One of the common activities carried out by technicians in an AC service involves lubricating all the moving parts of the system. When this is carried out repeatedly, it will mean that the components like gears and belts are not experiencing much friction.

Other components like fans and electric cools are also susceptible to damage if it runs in an environment having a significant amount of friction.

  • Prevention of wear and tear

As mentioned above, other components that may not be moving are also victims to wear and tear. In fact, over some time, the components that are in contact with direct moisture can see a fair amount of rusting as well.

All these degradations will mean that the unit can no longer function like it used to. Although these issues are inevitable, AC service can drastically increase the time it takes for the unit to wear down.

  • Warranty compliance

Most companies that are also an AC installer in Atlanta, GA, offer a warranty period along with the unit. As per the terms of the warranty policy, an AC owner will be required to have a certain number of AC services in a stipulated period.

Therefore, if a homeowner is unable to comply with the terms of the warranty, it will invalidate the agreement made between the customer and the company.

From these reasons, it becomes clear that regular AC servicing can drastically influence the unit’s performance over some time. To attain a comprehensive AC service in Atlanta, GA, get in touch with us. Request a quote or book a service by calling at 770-285-8745.