How To Deal With an AC That Stops Cooling

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to shield oneself from the blistering Atlanta summer heat by blasting the AC and not receiving the cooling one desires. The possibility of this taking place is more common than most homeowners think.

Therefore, it is essential that if an AC does stop cooling, one can carry out the quick fixes themselves. However, if the damages go beyond minor issues, it will require technicians offering AC repair in Atlanta.

Reasons That Prevent Cooling or Stop an AC From Blowing Cold Air

There are numerous problems that contribute to the inability of a unit to cool a room. Although a majority of these issues will require professional air conditioning repair in Atlanta, you can save costs by carrying out the repairs yourself. The most common reasons that reduce the cooling capabilities of an AC include:

  • Ice buildup

From dirty coils to old filters, there are several reasons why there is a buildup of ice in the system or on the outer unit of the system. The main reason for the buildup in the ice is that the evaporators coils, which play an important role in the cooling process, freeze over. Therefore, the moisture in the air also freezes over inside the unit.

  • Broken Compressor

The compressor is often referred to as one of the more important aspects of the AC. This is because it manages the flow between the evaporator and the condenser. Therefore, if anything does happen to it, resulting in it breaking, it would mean the AC may no longer work properly. To counter this problem, you will require the services of air conditioning repair in Atlanta.

  • Improper location

At times, the location of the AC may also be a reason for its inability to cool a room. This tends to happen when there are other devices like microwaves. Freezers and more obstruct the flow of air and generate heat that cancels out the cooling effect of the AC.

In addition to this, the AC may also be in a room exposed to direct sunlight, meaning that it will be required to work overtime to cool the room. Therefore, ensuring that the unit is optimal and away from direct sunlight can prove useful.

  • Non-functional motors

An AC has a variety of fans and motors that are essential for its proper functioning. However, there are times when the motor of the fan sustains damage, especially over a long time. If this is true, it will mean that the outdoor unit is unable to release heat resulting in warmer interiors. If this is the problem, a homeowner will have no option but to hire professional AC repair in Atlanta.

In the end, there are several possibilities that could be the reason behind a non-functional AC. Therefore, to overcome the inconvenience of an AC not blowing cold air, all you need to do is call us at 770-285-8745.